Great women don’t wait for gender equality

Some may have been brought onto my blog because they have been an undercover lover of my status updates on Facebook or tweets…on twitter. Others, just casually browsing the net and decided that today, you want to change your life and just be great; but you just don’t know how.

Mary Wollenstonecraft
Mary Wollstonecraft

For a while now I have been keeping all of my frustrations in. Frustrations of seeing myself as well as other woman make the worst decisions in life, purely because we were not focused on ourselves enough. I always say I’m an advocate for women. Not only because I am one myself but because I see the potential women have. Later on, in the blog I will introduce different reference points (female) which I use as motivation and aspiration; because I honestly feel we have gone off the hinges and believe a good man will marry a twerker.
Mary Wollstonecraft once said that she does not wish for women to be above men; but rather above themselves and I deeply share her sentiments. I am not a raging feminist (LIES); I’m just a person who wants to see all women being empowered.

school girl
Lets have a look at our high school and primary school days. Those who compete with themselves get farther than those always trying to stay ahead of those who are (by virtue of this action) already miles ahead of them. Since this principle applies at school, why should it suddenly change when we apply it to gender? Yes I am aware and fully agree that there is a lack of gender equality in most parts, but doesn’t favoritism occur in school as well? Life is not fair, whichever way you look at it, so while we try to bridge this gap inequality and balance the scales( make life fair for women)let us stop using the gender inequality story as an excuse to not be great!I believe that if you are great, truly great,you leave the world with no reason to deny you an opportunity you rightfully deserve?
You may complain that there are not enough opportunities to empower women. My question is; what are YOU doing with the opportunities which do exist??? Have you exhausted all options or are you just being a c word about things?
Being a great woman does not require you to first have influence, class, wisdom or wealth . All of these qualities and more are what you possess once you are a woman of greatness. So what exactly am I saying?? You don’t need anything BUT the will to be great in order to begin transforming into a great woman.

Michelle Obama
So then how do you ultimately become a woman of greatness? Continue reading my blog!

If you would like to undergo the transformation process with me or if you would just like to continue reading my blog posts because you feel I’m that awesome; please comment or subscribe to the blog. Also, I am not a one woman show(no I actually am), your input is what will continue to make me relatable to you and I would appreciate your encouragement and advice but not your bullshit :).

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