Men are lost

Sometimes I feel like yes, we have to empower women but then why should we empower them so as to protect them from getting taken advantage of by men? Why are the men in our society a source of terror!? A woman should never worry about physically trying to protect herself, with so many husbands, fathers, sons, uncles, nephews, grandsons, grandfathers and brothers around. Where are all of these men and why can they not step up? why are they hurting their women?

last night I was sitting with my mother and I asked her how many men she can count on one hand whom she believed were a good reference point for men. it was bleak. when you hear about a seminar for women you are almost certain that they will be speaking about women empowerment at home…in the workplace…. but mostly at home. Seminars targeted at men almost always talk about how to become successful, unless it’s a seminar at church.
I am tired of wanting women to be powerhouses for men who are not measuring up!!!! when a man chooses a woman to marry; he wants her to be untouched. Godly if you may….yet he is the scum of the earth, he has children all over, some he does not even know, some he isn’t even taking care of. Heaven forbid though if you’re not a virgin or have a lovely son or weigh more than 75kgs. You will be on the reject list. Yet we will take you, flaws and all!
men think they are the ones doing the saving in life,yet we are. A man without a woman, no matter how successful he is, is not really THE man. A man benefits more from having a woman in his life than a woman does; yet we are the ones who are made to feel like one of the “lucky ones” when we get a husband. UH UH. that’s the very same feeling that leads to you feeling like you have to stay through crap. through him slamming your head against the wall… holding a knife to your throat cause “you’ve gone off the track and bitch you better calm down…”. H’es got you thinking “If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have all this!”; excuse me kind sir, if it was not for me you would not have anyone to say this to! if it was not for me you would not be where you all, all these women who drive you crazy would not be there hounding you down simply because a married man is a wanted man.

All we want is for men to want to be good men for women! women want this for men; so step up men; or don’t want a woman. Simple. Don’t want what you cannot give, that is selfish and I’ve never heard of an empire that was built out of selfishness. no one becomes a good leader if they posses selfish motives. You are meant to be a provider; that is the purpose of a man. Protect and provide. Both these qualities are what make a great man and in order to possess these, you have to be selfless.
this is why I have this blog (one of the many uncountable reasons). This is what I mean when I say I want women to be financially, emotionally, spiritually emancipated from toxic relationships. I’ve heard too many of these situations. I’ve seen some. the strongest women…. dumbed down to nothing because of weak men without a frame of reference, without a moral center, without a spiritual relationship, without correct leadership. given the best in life and not realizing it; because everything within them is wrong. If there are any men reading this today I want you to ask yourself who you model your life to. ask if this “role model” treats the women in his life right, ask yourself about his credibility in the workplace or in the outside world. If you are getting excited and thinking that homie is your role model “cause he’s the shit, he bleeps bitches and gets paper” then you are lost. completely. You need to bring yourself to yourself else you’ll wind up married to a twerker.

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  1. kagisozinx says:

    Good read. True on the role model part, the environment we confine ourselves to also plays a part. To inspire the greatness out of anyone start first by appealing to their greatness.


    1. Tshego says:

      Well put. Thanks for reading my post Kagiso 🙂


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