that thing that happens at an AA meeting…


My blog has been “coming”for the past month now. today a close friend of mine cynically declared that I run on George RR Martin time; and that he wondered what would come out first between Dr Dre’s Detox,the GOT( Game Of Thrones) book number 6 or my blog. After all the barking and nagging, I nervously logged into WordPress and decided to actually start my blog.

Before I begin to make anyone angry with my unwarranted opinions, I would like to casually introduce myself and state my purpose.
Hi, my name is Tshego (Hiiiii Tshego). I could write a blog about all the weird and wonderful pronunciations I have received of my name in the past, as opposed to my actual name; but I trust that the explanation that will follow, will end all of this.
This is how you pronounce my name: Tshego= Ts( the “sound” a snake makes but just add a t in front of the ssssss) -e(as in how you would say the capital letter e) -go( noooo not go as in gogo dancers or yebo gogo, but the g in gogo as in an insect in Afrikaans?) get it? all together now…..TSssssH(silent)EeeeGggggOo! yes.

So now you want to know what I’ll be writing about right? Well… basically anything that I feel like dammit! hahahahaha joking. Ohhhkay now you really do want to know huh?…I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

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