How to Calculate Your Net Worth

As another Monday rolls around, I just want to challenge us not to give up on our dreams. Now is the time to ignore boundaries and limits. NEVER allow anyone who is selfish enough to frighten you, prevent you from attaining any opportunity you would have otherwise attained had you not been afraid. Focus on your dreams and forget about your fears!Never give up on the dreams that keep you up at night. Fight for them. TIRELESSLY!

As a woman, it is that much harder to achieve greatness. We are FORCED to believe that great women CANNOT be kind, emotional, maternal, humble or brave. Our greatness is only acknowledged when we prove our perseverance in a male- dominated industry; and if that is not enough, we “need” to understand that everyone will have an opinion about the way we live our lives and the decisions we make. We will feel defiant or downright ignorant for listening to our hearts. Society will always penalize us and call us weak when we cry and turn around and call us heartless when we don’t. We will NEVER satisfy society and that is OK… because that is not our job.

So here’s what needs to happen this week: just step out into the world and forget about who you are and what you have. The highest form of living is giving. A life well lived is measured by the amount of lives you change, the “value Add”; and this is how you calculate your net worth.

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  1. kagisozinx says:

    “The highest form of living is giving” 🙂

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