My God’s on this tip…

So it’s Thursday evening.  I’m sick to my stomach but I keep telling myself that I need to make the team meeting at church today. I don’t know why but there’s this sense of accountability within me, there’s something I need to collect at the meeting today but I don’t know what it is.


As always before I start my car, I press the button that opens my garage door and as it opens I say a quick prayer that goes something like this “Dear Lord please be with me as I go to ____ I pray that your angels may protect me and the drivers around me as we all share the road…..amen” if there’s something I want to achieve on that specific day, which there always is, I pray about that as well.

Today I told God specifically that I wanted to network and make a new friend.  It must be a girl. She must be empowered and great.She must be beautiful, she must be intelligent but most of all she must love You! I went into the meeting. The first person I saw was her! It wasn’t until we were asked to get into prayer groups that I saw her again. After praying for one another I decided to do some digging.  One of the things I had learnt from my favourite YouTube guru was learn how to be genuinely curious.   Be interested in what other people have to say, be interested to know more about everything and everyone around you so much, that when they ask you about yourself you don’t even know where to begin because all you know now is to listen and learn.
We hit it off instantly and she ticked all the boxes(quick explaination as to why I’m so picky: birds of a feather….) After exchanging numbers and being introduced to more amazing people in her circle, I got into my car ready to go home; but before that, the reality of what had just happened hit me. I was like shuuuuuucks(perplexed). “God you’re on this tip of responding to my requests these days huh!?” His response to me was Matthew 21:22. I was just like “I get it! I get it….” Finally I get it!!!!! . So with that amazing lesson and testimony out the way, I digress.


With all the amazing women I have met this month you would think women’s month came early. I’m so humbled…. it is an everyday thing now, that I’m surrounded by so much greatness, so much potential. I wake up hungry, unsatisfied and challenged. There is so much to fix! so many people to help and so much help to receive!!!! The way I get introduced to people… The impact I supposedly make in people’s lives. I cannot claim that. That greatness is more than me. It really is the God in me.

I have always admired women who are unapologetically powerful and influential. Who are resourceful,  beautiful and humble. If I can just be half the woman they are…that would be great you know?

So I get home and I’m going through my emails, reading about this that and the next (all important of course haha) There’s a particularly exciting one from my friend that I decide to read. My eyes just go to “Please find attached Communique for an update on everything WENOSA (WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT NETWORK OF SOUTH AFRICA)” I couldn’t help but say “Nigga we made it”.


I don’t think I will ever get comfortable with greatness. But that’s great because that means I will never stop growing. I never want to get to a point where I’m like “well you can tell everybody, you can tell everybody, go ahead and tell everybody,  I’m the man I’m the man I’m the ma-yeee-yan…”. All I am is a Tychicus. waiting and willing to be at your service. Supporting YOU as you take on the lead role in your life. That’s what makes me happy. Again, this is what life is about. Oprah knows this. Mother Teresa knew this….goodness Florence Nightingale!  Amazing ,great women….at your SERVICE. And as much as they worked in silence, with humility, their works became public knowledge. They were celebrated!!!! Why??? Because they put others before themselves.

Are we challenged!?

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