The One Thing Girls Should Stop Doing For Guys…


“Saving people isn’t your job.” This is the best advice I received this year.

It emancipated me from so much conviction. Self made even. Reminds me of what I read in Lean In. Sheryl worked unwarranted hours because she felt that she had to prove that she was worthy and good enough for her title at work. You think because you are a Christian you have the duty to save the world. Christians have two “jobs”: 1.Love God and 2.Love your neighbour as you love yourself. That’s what the good book says in Matthew.The rest like taking care of the poor,serving in church, evangelism and so forth comes from these two commandments because when you think about it, if you don’t love God and if you don’t care about others, why would you bother?

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

It’s just sad when people subject themselves to a life under law. When churches are religious more than they are spiritual. God didn’t put us on this earth to save it. He saves it… through us. So yeah, I’ve been saying on social networks that I cannot lose myself trying to save someone (meaning trying to bring you closer to God). A spiritual journey is something that needs to be taken alone. Just you and your maker. What we offer each other is encouragement to grow and develop our personal relationships with the Lord, the rest is up to you. You know how you can only lead a horse to water…. It sounds selfish but when you think about it it makes perfect sense. You can’t do what God hasn’t called you to do. Why? because you haven’t been given the ability to do it.

This is not one of my usual posts and no I am not oblivious to the fact that it is “Women’s Month”. I feel like it is Women’s month every week on my blog! I just thought I should share how I feel about this subject because I am tired of compromising on something that should go without saying. I like many women, have fallen into the trap of “falling in love” with someone who didn’t understand me. Because of our spiritual disparity, something as simple as requesting he pray over our food turned awkward. You see, I say this issue is addressed to women because for us, if you get a guy who can do that (initiate saying grace), truuuuust and believe we will be the ones proposing. TODAY EVEN. when it comes to us, and the intensity of a woman’s spiritual relationship with God, it almost seems like this part must be treated like a dirty habit when you get into a relationship with a non-believer (WE MUST STOP DOING THIS)… kinda like how “you know I smoke cause you can smell it but you will overlook this because I don’t do it to your face.”

You know what’s funny? Guy’s love saying how they are drawn to a specific woman and they do not know why or what it is. Among other things, I want to tell you that one of the reasons could just simply be because of the God in her. You see Him and you feel Him when you are with her. It is a part of your life that is sorely neglected that when you connect with this girl, she literally waters your spiritual garden (desert) and it feels good. Yet her being VVS (very very spiritual) is a problem for you…


So this is how I feel. I work hard on this relationship. I will not treat it like a dirty habit that needs to be concealed when you are around. If I ask you whether or not you know Jesus Christ and it gets awkward, YOU ARE NOT FOR ME. IF I ask you to come to church with me and its excuse after excuse each week, YOU ARE NOT FOR ME. IF I ask you to say grace and you look at me like “whaaaaat? here? right now?” YOU ARE NOT FOR ME .

GIRL LISTEN! You know God and you know he knows you want a partner. Now, with Him knowing this would he send you someone who makes you feel awkward about saying you’re a Christian? No way! So here’s what I say… Along with your rightfully unattainable standards, wanting a man who fears the Lord should be right up there. Yes you may have a situation where it is required for you to stand in the gap and lead the horse to water, but girl DO NOT break your neck trying to show someone there’s an eternal kingdom to inherit if they aren’t about living lavish when they die. okay? It is not fair and its absolutely unnecessary. So just how guys are like “AH SHE DOES’T HAVE A FAT ASS, WE CAN’T KICK IT DAWG” ’cause boys are doltish like that, you should be like “AH YOU DON’T SERVE IN YOUR LOCAL CHURCH!? WE CAN’T KICK IT HEY…” Because things about God should be THAT vital.

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