Frankly I do not care what they say, because I love you, feminism!

The “African” and the “Married woman” perspective of FEMINISM.

My Feminista Lens

feminist thought 2The other day I asked a colleague of mine if she considers herself a feminist, because she does almost the same work as I do (gender equality and women’s rights promotion) and she speaks passionately about equality between women and men. First she laughed really hard, then she said no. Was I shocked or confused? No. This is not the first time I have heard people say that. So this led me to wonder, why are some people reluctant to call themselves feminists?

Feminism, according to Wikipedia – which might not be a very trusted source, but heck it’s the first thing that Google brings you. Oh Google, what did people do before you came? Anyway, back to feminism, it is a collection of movements and ideologies (…) which advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.

One common stereotype and misunderstanding about feminism I’ve heard is that women…

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