How much are you worth with your MBA qualification?

Hi all

So this year I have had many people dispute the fact that gender inequality is not country or continent specific. People seem to think that its only in America where women get paid less because they are married,mothers or above a certain age. Well I have come with a compelling image today!!!!! *read the following sentences out loud with a boxing commentator voice* An image that is indisputable. An image brought to you by Payscale

IMG-20141006-WA0000 (1)

So there we have it folks. Same qualification. Same effort. This image tells us woman “screw you!” in not so many words but numbers and images. As a woman, you’re worth a starting salary 36% less than a man with the same qualification. Brilliant right? Wait, there’s more! Your potential employer is only willing to pay you a maximum of about R780 646 for your skills and MBA qualification; when for the equivalent male counterpart (read: not so equivalent male counterpart), they feel a hefty R966 481 is a fair amount. Meaning, we will never be worth that extra R185 835 (which is basically R15 486,25 more each month) . Nice…. Thank you patriarchal South Africa 🙂

How do we get around this bullshit?

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  1. Mlungisi Nkosi says:

    I agree with this article on that something should be done to eliviate the income disparity between the working class male and their female counterparts. Our industries ought to be so advanced that such difference should not exist. Though there are machanisms put in place to curb this income gap, it seems like there’s still a long way to go before we have achieved a non-sexist, non-racial and non-tribalistic political system. One might be familira with policies such as the B.B.B.E.E (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) and Affirmative Action. It’s high time we engage with these policies and urge corperates to comply with them for they are set as guidelines to labour relations.

    Unfortunately a prospective employee does not have much say concerning remuniration up untill they have signed their contract. But there is the Professionals Association of South Africa where academics get to network and gain the opportunity to be affiliated with companies that fully respect the Employment Equities Act.


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