Update and a tip for the feminists with OCD =D




So I’m not back yet, but I will be soon. Just thought I’d let you know that I have so much to tell you. I’ve had the opportunity to experience the state of affairs with regards to equality and women empowerment in the corporate world these past few days and I have nothing but disappointing news to dish out.

I really wish I could just write the post about my findings right now but I don’t want to rush my genius. Hahahahaha! Good things come to those who wait so I suggest you WAIT.

Also, I’ve lost control of my viewers and followers and I THINK I MIGHT need to start censoring my posts. MIGHT being the operative word :)…Dropping f bombs was nice while it lasted. I’ll need to find a new home for them 😦

Lastly, I want to send a special shout out to all the ladies who inbox me and shower me with so much love! I really appreciate your support, I am so humbled by it and you are the people who make me pursue excellence with every post. To my friends who have become liberal feminists. WELCOME. I’ve been waiting for you dammit!

Try not to miss me too much okay? And I would suggest you allow guys to open doors for you from now on (its hygienically beneficial for you )


Tshego M.

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  1. Sophia xx says:

    Brilliant Blog and also did you internally insert the ‘Did you miss me?’ as a Sherlock quote as Moriarty said this.Also I’d love to read your blogs in the future Plesse take a look at my blog if you have a spare minte.
    Sophia xx


    1. Tshego says:

      Hey there Sophia!

      Thank you so much, hahahahahahaha yes I did. I will be sure to check out your blog, thanks for the visit and keep well 🙂


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