Alicia Keys- We Are Here

So the MTV EMA’s happened just over a week ago in Glasgow, Scotland.  My favourite female rapper, Nicki Minaj was the host but I must be honest and say, apart from her 9 wardrobe changes, not much else was exciting about her hosting. Whatever happened to the beast of a rapper on Kanye’s song titled “Monster”? I still love Nicki Though and I think “bed of lies” is really nice!


So back to business… ALICIA KEYS! Let us have a moment of silence for the most gracious artist in the whole world. My life was just complete after her amazing performance at the awards ceremony. She performed her new single which she released almost two months ago. I really love it when musicians use their tools (voices) to bring to light social issues which need the world’s attention. Her website states that her song “carried a message of  her desire to make a difference and create a kinder and more peaceful world for ALL children. Alicia is using her voice to reinforce her vision of an empowered global community in which all people are heard, respected, equal, and treated with dignity. She’s rallying fans and challenging you to raise your voices for the causes you believe in— because real change begins with all of us.”

Alicia says, “It’s not about me, it’s about WE.” This is OUR world. And #WeAreHere.

How profound…

So if you want to read more about the song, if have not watched her performance or listened to the song, I shall leave the links below. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I  do and also that it ignites a humanitarian fire within you!

1.) website

2.) lyrics

3.) video

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