What “Divergent” Taught Me

“Outcasts, callused from being in exile for too long, learn to thrive on being the hated; the attention and infamy of our actions fuel us to become antiheroes. Too often do we forget: we risk self-destruction if we fail to follow what we know is right; our talents too often become misplaced, misdirected, misguided from what could have been something wonderful.”
Mike Norton, Fighting For Redemption

Today I decided to watch the movie titled: Divergence. As I was watching this movie, it  affirmed all the things I felt were wrong about the world.

source: http://visual.ly/users/annavital
source: http://visual.ly/users/annavital

According to http://www.ecology.com approximately 250 babies are born every minute in the world. There are approximately 7.2 billion people in the world but doesn’t it make you sick to think that we are all the same?


The education system in our country is set up in a way that grabs you at the peak of your creative stage (age 6-7) and spits you out 12 years later when you can finally function like a piece of cardboard. At this stage we are already programmed to think the same way, dress the same way, listen to the same music, thrive off of being classified as cool and fear being labelled as an outcast.

**************************************************SPOILER ALERT!!!!!************************************************

source: http://www.chicagonow.com/hammervision/2014/03/hammering-out-divergent/
source: http://www.chicagonow.com/hammervision/2014/03/hammering-out-divergent/

Last observation. As the movie draws to an end we realise that the divergents survive. To me this symbolises the power that lies in refusing to give up one’s individuality. On a more bitter note, this movie highlights the powers of the system in which our world operates. It throws in our faces the sad truth of white supremacy, how we are not the ones at the top of the food chain. It paints us as individuals who are incapable of thinking for ourselves or even saving ourselves.That they control the world and are not obliged to emancipate us from the system. But if they choose to, we will see them for the heroes that they are not, as opposed to the villains that they truly are.

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