The b* is out the bag!

So I have decided to launch this series titled “REALITY SHOW CRUSH MONDAYS” A.K.A #RSCM while I actually still have the time of day to vegetate in front of the television.  So If you are going to try and be a brainiac and tell me all the disadvantages of watching television, let alone reality television, I know, I don’t care…grab several seats. THANKS 🙂

Now for the rest of us who unashamedly LOVE reality shows because we have a sense of humour and know how to be good to ourselves by giving our minds a break from all the thinking we do trying to save the world…..this week’s reality show crush is none other than Brittany Hampton, season 1 winner of House of DVF! *que applause*



Brittany Hampton is a professional Fashion Stylist who is based in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles California. Inspired by her designer grandmother to begin sewing at the age of 5, at the age of 16 she launched her own clothing line for women.

Later, Brittany Hampton pursued and  received her degree in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco; and while she was still a student at the fashion institution, she took a few part time jobs within visual retail and as an assistant stylist at her local malls.

After receiving her degree, she moved to Los Angeles and this was the beginning of her incredible and fruitful journey.

Currently, among many other things, she holds the position of what we know her for, the global brand ambassador of DVF.


“I know I am not perfect and have made a lot of people dislike me but I am a strong woman that has been through many obstacles to get me this far. I make GREAT decisions and I can only hope one day I can make a difference in our generation.”

Anyone who watched her on the show cannot deny how talented, classy and confident she is. From the first episode, you could tell that she was cut from a different cloth (kinda like the one DVF would use to create a masterpiece). She kept women empowerment at the forefront and I believe represented herself well. This gorgeous lady is without a doubt destined for greatness!


(1) :!bio/c1han

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