Thank you so much for visiting my blog. So as you know I’ve started this new series #RSCM while I actually still have the time to watch TV live instead of auto-tuning a million things and then never having the time to go back and watch everything because my life has taken over me. So this week I will admit it…there really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to watch. Either that or I was not watching the right channels.

After feeling utterly disturbed and confused by some show which seemed like an x-rated spin off of survivor on Discovery (Naked and Afraid), I decided to give television another chance and resorted for something more familiar and less bizarre…..REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD!!!! I know what you’re thinking…. I can already imagine you whining “but real husbands of hollywood is not a reality show”. Shut up. Nobody likes a know it all mmmkay?


Soooo the inspiration for today’s post does not stem from Real Husbands of Hollywood, but rather what/ who I saw during those annoyingly long BET ad breaks.

Ladies and… ladies, behold. JETTA!


Click here to check out Jetta’s profile.

When I see, or hear or think about something genius I usually write it down in my journal for perusal at a later time. Immediately after watching Jetta’s performance of “Take it easy”, I knew I had found my new favourite artist for the week. She is both gorgeous and talented but what I love most about her is the authenticity I feel she has when I watch her. There is nothing more refreshing than the experience of a real person because unfortunately the way our world is set up, blending in is cooler than being yourself.Since authenticity is the theme on LoveSelfBeautiful this week, Jetta was the most fitting candidate for #RSCM.

In a world where we as women are now free but not really, it is so easy to fall into the trap of playing in preset boundaries and never even considering the idea of tiptoeing on the invisible line or pushing a bit and this is why I live for controversial women.  Not for any other reason but the fact that the controversial woman lives a life far more authentic than the rest of us who want to be “nice girls” and “liked by everyone” to the point where we look in the mirror and see someone totally unfamiliar. She lives an uncompromised, unfiltered, and unapologetic life. Where what you see is what you fucking get. No two ways about it. And if you don’t like her, instead of trying to adapt to your preference she shows you  the door because how dare you try to turn her against herself.


Authenticity is so effortless because there’s no other person our minds and bodies feel most comfortable being but ourselves.  As a woman of greatness you really aren’t trying to appeal to the masses by being common and the same as everyone else. You don’t want to be that sold out Louboutin that everyone has and knows and is familiar with.  Familiarity breeds complacency. You want to be a limited edition individual who can be admired for your uniqueness by everyone but where only a few like-minded people experience you (no sexual connotations whatsoever) because that is how you stay magical and authentic.

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