Never A Failure, Always A Lesson…

I’m having one of those weeks where I feel like I have made the first “best decision” of my adult life. Torn between “what must be right” and “what feels right” and I can proudly say I have decided to choose the road less travelled. What I believe… and feel… is right.

In a short potent moment of clarity; the phrase “Follow your passion and everything else will fall into place” never rang truer than it did that evening. It feel as if I awoke from a deep sleep and knew exactly which course my life needed to take. I would no longer live a life of ” This is what I have to do”; but rather a life of “This is what I would like to do”.

I am also having one of those weeks where I’d like to make a phone call to God and ask him if I could possibly have a 1 hour review of my future. Just to confirm if this indeed was a very expensive lesson which I had to endure for the betterment of my future or if my decision now is the mistake, and my future will show me this, which will essentially then become the greatest lesson of my life.

So yes… I guess time will tell; and until then I will begin to live of faith, being true to myself and nobody else and honestly just try to F* relax. If there’s anything I need; its lessons on how to relax and ride the wave. And in this new journey I plan on doing just that. Honestly just handing my life over to God, completely this time, and enjoing every moment of my blessed, beautiful and favoured life.

In a potent moment of clarity I decided to allow my life to be led by the melody of my heart…. my gut… and I must admit in my panic, there is so much peace. This peace is in knowing that I’ve finally started living a life designed by myself and if I fail (Which I doubt) I will know that at least I tried. How? Because there is no such thing as a mistake. Mistakes are merely lessons in disguise.


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