So a revolution is happening in South Africa, led by the youth and future leaders of my country. I cannot sit back and not say what is in my heart.I think what hurts the most, apart from the institutions that don’t care or have compassion(which is ironic considering that educational institutions should primarily focus on delipvering a service for the empowerment of people), we’re being screwed by the people who promised it won’t happen again. We trusted them and they have failed us. Not to say that they can’t pull a miracle out their bums-they probably won’t and that is the problem. Its just the blatant disregard of our pain and our reality. They’re there and they can help, they have been appointed to help but they have failed us. They sit there and pretend like everything is okay like we are benefiting from them being there and we are all going to be fine. But the reason why we are deteriorating as a nation, as society, is because we are looking to people for help who are telling us that it’s okay to just exist. Just pass, just get a job at a supermarket and pack groceries. People who are telling us that this quality of life is acceptable and “better than nothing” and that all we are good for (by default) is to facilitate the process of living without really actually having a life; so how dare we want to be better…


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