Affirmation Mondays: Saved



Hillsong released their new annual worship CD worldwide in October this year. I had the pleasure of starting my work days and ending them with this highly anointed album for about 3 weeks. It did wonders for me through traffic.

For starters, I am a worshiper, so this album was a real treat. And to make things even better,to my delight, we have been singing one of my new favourite songs from this album at Church. There’s something different about listening to a song and reading the words. As I stood in one of the morning services, and for the first time being face to face with the words of this incredible song, “What a saviour” started…

Oh what grace I’ve found in You my Jesus
That my soul should entertain Your greatness
Should this life hold nothing but my Savior
I will praise You

The one song I always skipped in the car is literally now imprinted in my subconscious. I find myself singing this song when I’m working, when I’m driving, when I am getting ready for the day, when I feel myself at peace or losing it. Its just incredible.


The new teachings I have had the honour of hearing over this past month have really changed the way I look at the grace God gives us. Learning and understanding that God’s grace can never be earned really humbles me, because I realise that even if we tried, we could never earn it. Jesus just bridges that gap so beautifully, and with completeness.The fact that we are sinners not because we have sinned but because sinning is our condition, like a default setting in our character, makes me realise that there is no way we can ever gain eternal life just by ourselves and without Jesus. And then on top of sinning and bringing God so much shame, He has this amazing grace to offer us (which we do not deserve) that allows us to glorify Him is amazing. It makes me feel so guilty for all these fickle things that I hold against people; when God is here every second of each day, forgiving me and my mortal,sinful inadequacies.

On the Hillsong website, they have written that: “There is something special about understanding that when we encounter Christ, we live under an Open Heaven. What should our response be? If we are immersed in His mercy, then His Living Water can run wild through us. This is the premise of this album. Our posture, our response to His compassion and grace. With songs such as the title track, Open Heaven (River Wild), O Praise The Name (Anástasis), Transfiguration, One Thing and Love On The Line. We pray this album will impact individuals in both corporate and personal worship times.” and boy has it lived up to this.


“What a saviour” coupled with my new realization of who I am in Christ just brings me to my knees each time, surrendering to God and being so thankful that He saved me, an unworthy sinner just because He could. He did not need to.

I pray your Monday is blessed and filled with the same realization of the intensity of God’s love for you and this precious undeserved grace that we have.


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  1. It’s the early hours and i’m listening to the album…”Your truth is the compass that points me back to North” just came one and oh….how appropriate to a situation I’m facing. Their lyrics articulate so well, the words my soul was trying to find, all their songs lead me to a sacred space especially while i work, amidst my colleguages, i find myself at His feet, my arms figuratively outstretched. Beautiful album.. Cute little blog you have here Tshego 🙂 Halo.


    1. Tshego says:

      Hi Njabulo 🙂

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for sharing!

      That’s really beautiful 🙂 Nothing beats having God’s presence surrounding you at your workplace.

      Don’t be a stranger!


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