2015 Reflections: Part 1


As I sit before my laptop for the last time in 2015, I am so pleased to say that I am proud of me. I am proud of the adult I am turning out to be. I trust you are too. Funny enough as I was trolling social media today I realised that many of us have had a great year, that was so lovely to see.

2015 came with huge changes, one of them was giving up my school holiday. I got a full-time job, lived in traffic, got debit orders and a whole host of responsibilities. I BECAME AN ADULT…


As I mentioned in my previous posts, writing about how to overcome the challenges that come with being a women in corporate South Africa and living them are two totally different things. I thank God that he gave me the lessons I received this year. I thank Him for his grace and protection and favour.

While I feel like my first year of working left me feeling like this


upon reflecting on those nights I cried and mornings I dreaded, I am soooo thankful; so thankful that the Lord gave me exactly what I needed (and to be quite honest, the steep learning curve I subconsciously asked for).

This year I learnt that I am more grounded and stable than I gave myself credit for, I learnt that life does not happen the way you want it to happen but rather the way that it needs to happen. I learnt that I cannot be the 30- year old me without having been the 23- year old me. A part of me let my hair  down and gave myself a break. Also, the importance of staying in your lane and running your own race was a major theme in my life. The more you fight it the angrier you get, but the second it clicks in your thick skull that “hey! what is mine will NEVER PASS ME” the more bearable it gets and you actually begin to trust God.

In situations I couldn’t control, God showed up, amazingly, and let me know that this life thing just cannot be done without Him… He never let me down, not even for a second. Not that he ever has but for the first time in my life I learnt , so beautifully, that the course of my life is just not up to me. I learnt that it is good to have a plan and aspirations but when you reach this point in your life where “the next level” is not as straight- forward as passing all your subjects; you will go crazy if you don’t believe that God’s plans that he has promised you are supreme and in progress.

I look back now on my year and I can see where the Lord is taking me, I can see where He has stretched me and why (maybe not in all areas but most). My learning of patience was as painful as trying to baptise a cat… I remember having conversations like “Lord you know I am stubborn, if you do not want this to happen for me just shut that door and make it obvious!” and booooooy did He shut it. Lets just say, for now, I understand the value of waiting… but the virtue has not yet fully manifested in me yet hahahaha…

As 2016 draws nearer I declare right now that it will be a year of elevation. God has fully prepared, we are going to the next level of greatness and all those lessons learned have fully prepared us for the year ahead.

In closing:

  • To WENOSA- Thank you for your love and trust. My leadership bone has gotten so much stronger because of your existence. Thank you for allowing me space on this great and blessed canvas and to all of us in 2016 I say “Onward and Upwards” ladies! A we break new ground
  • To my friends and family- Thank you for all the good times (and arguments). Thank you for wanting me when I was lovely and ugly to you and for never making me feel like I was hard to love. Thank you for never giving up or walking away from uncomfortable situations; you all make me want to be a better person. Also, I have a way of making problems bigger than they actually are, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CALMING ME DOWN and really actually making me realise how much I love over-reacting. I have identified this and will be better :).
  • Last but not least, to God- Thank you father….. for everything. I am everything that I am and will be because of you. Thank you for never leaving me/ giving up on me. I would say that I will prove to you that it was worth it but I know you already know it was otherwise you would not have grown me and stretched me and blessed me this much.

As I close off on LoveSelfBeautiful in 2015,  I wish you nothing short of success in the year ahead, may the Lord shine His light on you and may you forever remain in His favour and grace, not only for 2016 but also in the future. Thank you for reading my posts and supporting my blog this year!

God bless you



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  1. Lady J says:

    Waiting for part 2…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tshego says:

      It’s coming hahaha 🙂


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