2015 Reflections: Part 2

GROW 2016

Continuing from 2015 Reflections: Part 1 as promised, I will be sharing my biggest lessons from 2015 which will hopefully help you (or amuse you), as you set your path for success in this new year.

“You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you” – Unknown

  1. So as much as 2015 was amazing it was such a toughie! My biggest learning in 2015 was that of learning how to be patient and trusting (having faith) the process. Life comes with so many things, seen and unseen. It is important to allow yourself to be guided on this journey.
  2. A coupled lesson was that of understanding the importance of timing. Just because something is meant to happen for you, it does not mean that it should happen when you want it to happen. Most often it probably wont, and for many logical reasons: it might not yet be the right time or season etc. Now when you realise this happening in your life, it is important not to get upset. Remember: the time WILL come, so in the meantime, while you wait (with your new found patience 🙂 ) consider what you can do to ensure you are adequately prepared for the day that blessing arrives. Because to be quite honest, oftentimes we passionately want things we know deep down we are not ready for. So. Just. Wait 🙂 Trust the process.
  3. Just because you want to do something, doesn’t mean you should. As Christians (but probably everyone who has a moral compass) we believe that we have been placed on this earth for a higher purpose. Our lives are not ours to live just anyhow but in living and in existing in this worldly realm, it is important that we are living our lives the way that God has intended for us to live them (purposefully) especially with the free will that we have been granted.
  4. Rome was not built in a day, life is a process and you cannot want to be your 30- year old self before you have mastered your “right-now” old self. Embrace the journey of success.
  5. You wont be everyone’s cup of tea and that is OK. Learning to make peace with other people’s personal preferences emancipates you to be who you are, to walk your truth and establish your worth and value in a space free of erratic external factors.
  6. Validate and affirm yourself continuously. People are unrelaiable twats and depending on them to do this for you  will probably land you in a psychiatric ward. Being the way we are we pick and choose what is convenient to like/ love about others and this cannot be okay as it is an inaccurate way to view and measure something. It is so important to define where you draw the truth about your identity from. A great place to start doing this is in the Bible as I find that it only makes sense to establish the truth about who I am from the one I believe created me. Luke 12:7 (NIV) states that “the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” I MEAN!??? HOW CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE GOD’S TRUTH ABOUT YOU WHEN HE KNOWS YOU TO SUCH A FINE AND DETAILED DESCRIPTION? I don’t know, that is just my conviction. Use it, don’t use.
  7. Learn how to laugh at yourself more because if you don’t, someone else will and it will hurt. It is important to take yourself seriously but you must remember that you are not God and you are bound to make a mistake or embarrass yourself, don’t let the desire of perfection coupled with self-condemnation take away vital learning and growth opportunities from you in these moments.


Ahhhh 7, how amazing- the Divine number of completion. So that is it guys! I hope these 7 lessons resonate in your hearts as they do in mine and I hope you have already begun to start this year strong and full of determination. May this one be the best one yet, and I hope when I reflect on this in 2017, I don’t have to carry over anything into that new year (as I side- eye number 1).

If you want to check out what the reflections were from 2014 into 2015, click here and enjoy the read!


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