Say what you mean and mean what you say: Living your life with Intent

The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do- Bill Phillips

Very often in life we really do know who we are…we know what we want and we know what we need to do. Yet fear that prevents us from living our lives with intention. Most times we are overcome with this crippling fear or doubt that usually makes us question if we actually are correct to believe what we believe about ourselves; our truth.

Fear is the main contributor that causes us to live a life of disconnect. A disconnect between the truth and the lies we choose to believe about ourselves out of comfort. Today, this whole week in fact, it seemed as if the theme for my life was “stop living your life by default, and start living your life by design”. Everywhere I went I found myself, in conversation, prayer and meditation, faced with the reminder that not only was my world beginning to shrink, my voice (which is my gift) was dying… and I was actually not in control of my life (like I unfortunately believed so much that I was). I have been in a critical state all this time, not having realized that I was dying while I was trying to live.

God resuscitated me.

Believing something about yourself means nothing if you won’t put your belief to action. If you believe you are so great and awesome, what’s stopping you from showing the world? Because ultimately your gift/ purpose is rooted in servanthood. Do you think you will ever attain what God has intended for you to attain if you just sit there with your gift, waiting for someone to pick you up and dust you off? No one has the time. I’m challenging you today to wake up and align your life to Gods purpose, start living and behaving like the person you know you were born to be.


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  1. Brian J. Yu says:

    I like to describe my life as one simple step of faith after another. Once God shows me what to do, it’s up to me to take the initiative and step forward in faith and obedience. Although it happens, we shouldn’t let fear get the best of us. We’ve got a God who’s bigger than our fears.

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    1. Tshegofatso says:

      Amen! Very well said, I like that- we’ve got a God who’s bigger than our fears.

      Stay blessed!

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