Who is Shonda Rhimes?

Who is Shonda Rhimes?

Everywhere across the world, individuals, families, gather around their television sets to be engulfed by 70 hours of airtime. This time is spread across 4 of some of the world’s most loved television shows such as Scandal (The fixer), Grey’s Anatomy, The Catch and my personal favourite- How To Get Away With Murder. Shonda Rhimes is the mastermind, or rather, titan, behind this badassness.

Shonda Rhimes. Photo: Mark Davis/Getty Images
I have unwavering focus on my growth and development. Nothing is more important to me than living out exactly what I was born to live out. I believe that Shonda Rhimes is what happens when someone lives the life that they are meant to live. Greatness is emmitted across the globe. I relate to Shonda Rhimes in a writing capacity. She is a master bullshitter if we must put it straight but I find it so incredible how she can create something magical, powerful, revolutionary- out of nothing. I want to know how she does it. Today, my quest to discover where Shonda Rhimes draws her motivation from  to write all these mind- blowing storylines lead me to Ted.com .  I watched close to 20 minutes of magic as she told the story about where she finds her motivation. In these 20 minutes she touched on one very crucial thing that is written about frequently on LoveSelfBeautiful.

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Know yourself

Shonda refers to the motivation tank as a hum. in this talk she distinguished between what you and the world know the hum to be (success, achieving, promotions, popularity, fame, personal brands etc) versus what the hum is to you personally. She spoke about the importance of doing the activities that fuel your original hum, your reason to live; and the fact that although these activities may sometimes not be viewed by you as the most optimal use of time, they are the real juice of sustenance that make you, you. You might not like them but you need them in order to do the activities that make you who the world sees you as and who you present yourself as to the world.

The power of playing

Playing with her children is the more literal activity that Shonda speaks about that fuels her hum- tank but what underpins that is the performing of a joyous activity. Work doesn’t work without play and the only way you can refuel your engine is by giving yourself time, allowing your greatness to be restored.  When you break away from what you have to do, to what you would like to do, or even, what you used to love doing before life got real, you allow yourself and your mind that room to breathe. The opportunity to zone out, refresh and think.

“The hum- the work hum, the hum of the titan; that’s just a replacement.If I have to ask you who I am, if I have to tell you who I am. If I  describe myself in terms of shows, and hours of television, and how globally badass my brain is- I have forgotten what the real love is. The hum is not power and the hum is not work specific. The hum is joy specific. The real hum is love specific.The hum is the electricity that calmness of being excited by life. The real hum is confidence and peace. The real hum is God’s whisper in my ear.”


Once you find what truly drives your engine (and it is not work) you find yourself, your inner grove and melody that simply cannot be taken away by anything or anyone because you have located the hum and captured it.

The other hum, the real hum, life’s hum- find it!

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