Book Review: The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist

Unlike many of these new age uncultured people, I actually still prefer to purchase and collect books. There’s something about that new book smell that makes me feel more in touch with a writer’s story and effort. Weird? I don’t know… whatever. All you need to understand is that the kindle is the last thing you’d want to buy me because I wont use that thing.

After months of procrastination and also waiting for the hype of the book to die down, I finally decided  to purchase The Alchemist on the evening of the 19th of March 2016. A purchase that left me wondering why I was such a stubborn person in life. It also turned out that that I got invited to this invisible Paulo Coelho book club where I’d earn my Paulo stripes and become a living breathing sales and marketing tool for Paulo Coelho, but not just that, reformed people like me in this camp no longer just see a day as a day; an event as an event, or even time as just time. We are deep ok!? ok. Thanks Paulo Coelho, I’m now one of the few wise ones in life…

Phase 1

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Reading the alchemist was like enthusiastically starting a journey to an unknown destination and getting desert sand blowing in your eyes continuously in the first hour but still being hopeful that the environment will settle. It made me wonder if the painful whirlwind of confusion would end and whether I would eventually understand what the hell was going on in this mans mind.

Phase 2

Image source: “There is no spoon”

Reading The Alchemist was like expecting to find the solution to an equation that has taken you a lifetime to solve and then discovering that the solution has been embedded within the fibers of your being for eternity….

Reading the alchemist gave you the expectation that you had possibly, probably found that missing piece that would make you great, but upon discovery you realized that there was no missing piece to begin with.

Reading the alchemist, you thought that you would receive a mere fable that would take your imagination to faraway lands when upon reading you discovered that the message, the mere fable was God speaking to you, telling you to wake up and pay attention. A powerful message that resonated with your soul and fit the Bible of your life perfectly.

In conclusion

Uncompromising in his faith and belief, he inspired more than 65 million readers across the world, to believe in the greatness that lies within them.

I really commend Paulo Coelho as an artist for his magic, for never giving up on the voice of his heart, because from him, the rest of the world can draw strength and motivation to also dream. He wove spirituality in his message so well that it incepted an unknowing seed in unbelievers hearts who dared to touch this book and be inspired by the journey of a simple Spanish Shepard.

“You already have everything you need to fulfill your destiny”


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