Note to Self: Own Your Throne

“Reflecting is very important. It is when you take a step back and look at what you have achieved and how far you’ve come, so that you can move forward with gratitude and insight.”

For a long time I battled with this thing where I only acknowledged destination. “Whats the point of a celebration if I do not have what I want yet?”. I never understood how or why one had to celebrate small wins… something so powerful. For me, it  was solely the fear of complacency. I never wanted to end up “building a campsite around my victory” and end up stuck or losing focus. I felt that if I slowed down for a second, I would lose focus and that would be the end.But the thing is, these small wins and bursts of success are actually what keep you motivated on the long and unpredictable path of success .

The issue with the above point is that when we do not allow ourselves time to literally stop and reflect, we lose it. We lose sight of our bearings, our progress and sometimes our purpose. Life works in seasons; this is the only way we can get anything done. So the one thing about seasons that we all know is that they pass. I had always believed that seasons in one’s life were mutually exclusive  to all other events… which is wrong. While seasons are important, the rest of your life’s events are too and the tricky thing is that it ALL must happen at the SAME TIME. What distinguishes your task in a specific season to others is the amount of time and focus you spend on what God has prepared you to do and focus on in that season. For example: Entrepreneurship. Would you agree that the “most ideal” time to pursue an entrepreneurial venture would be when you have no pertinent responsibilities/ dependents and you’re essentially at a point in your life where you have nothing to lose? When this season comes you just know, you also know that it wont be there forever so you need to move within that time. Because, when the season ends, it will prove more difficult to pursue this task/ dream due to changes and your focus on a new objective in the new season.

Image source: Picjumbo
Life is long…. and in its length condemning yourself about how wrong you’ve lived it, does not help you or anyone. With life being long, it is also a challenge. Some days you will find yourself so happy that your heart bursts out of your chest and heat lights up your face. Other times life will suck so much because, well, you’ve missed a milestone or people don’t behave the way you expect them to or sometimes you just don’t know why but your heart hurts. In its length and complexity, let us try not to be the cause of other people’s pain or misfortune. Over the Easter weekend I cannot believe how many times I read the word “compassion”. The Bible speaks about God showing compassion on others all the time and I felt so challenged by His actions. Its very easy to remove feelings from situations that ask “more” from us or that remove us from our comfort zones or realms of convenience. Especially when we are intrinsically- focused and don’t believe there is value in extending a hand in others.  Always remember that when we give to God, God gives back to us… and don’t we love God’s blessings (Luke 6:38).

“So far you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great.”

I encourage you to challenge yourself to live and share your life firstly with God, then yourself and lastly with people who would otherwise not be in your path of convenience. It is honestly the best way to grow and groom yourself. But also not forgetting to take time out to always reflect and acknowledge your progress, even if you don’t think its good enough, it is currently where you are and how far you’ve come and its for a reason. So give yourself a break and own your throne- a million people if given the chance would love to be where you are.

American fashion designer: Diane von Furstenburg

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