South Africa: My encounter with crime

On Wednesday the 13th of April 2016, I was involved in an attempted armed robbery on my way back from work. I know its crazy to think that crime can lead to epiphanies but I experienced some.

Here are the 7 things that my experience this week taught me:

  1. God is real….

So before I even begin, I just wan to clarify that it is purely a miracle that I am alive today. I am a walking, talking, blogging miracle and I am so grateful to be alive and unharmed.

2. The “gap for escape”

I cannot emphasise the importance of this whenever your vehicle is stationary. Leaving a gap between my car and the car before me literally saved my life. Had I not left one… ja. Just leave a gap OK?

3. Be aware of your surroundings

When driving, no matter what time of the day it is, it s crucial that you are aware of your surroundings (do as I say and not as  I do for the following part)- Leave your bag in the boot, don’t text at traffic lights and lastly, which is most important; everyone around you is a suspect. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME. The person who tried to attack me started off as a beggar and then right by my window converted himself into an amateur cellphone-collector with a gun… so.

4. Windows up

Always keep your window up when your car is stationary.Rather, if you are feeling hot, switch your aircon on? Plus we’re in Joburg for crying out loud, you cannot possibly tell me that you are wanting fresh air when that window is down.

So basically, if your car aircon does not work… can you see your problem??

5. Do not panic

Whatever you do, do it calmly and with authority. The minute you think you’re going to lose it/ you’re terrified/ you accept that today is your day to die, its over (and I know you’re thinking- its easier said than done; but I did it OK 🙂 )

**Also remember, if you are inviting the presence of God with you everywhere you go, He drives out fear. You are overcome with peace and clarity because you are in His presence. So this is how I managed to stay calm.

6.You can never get your masters in informal criminology

So as much as you can never be fully prepared, should the situation arise, understanding the possible scenarios and ways to practically survive them really helps. So I am just doing my bit for the database and the global thesis that we are all contributing to.

7. If its your time, its your time

So in conclusion, my survival confirms that firstly, I’m a G. But secondly (and more importantly), that God’s not yet done with my story. This body still has a lot more worlds to impact! Yours too, so carpe diem mmmkay?!


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