The men we left behind 

young-man-standing-in-front-of-concrete-wall-picjumbo-com“In the generation of you go girl, the men got left behind”

Many of us at one stage or another have uttered the words “where have all the good men gone?” You see, from the 1960s the world began to observe an unimaginable trend where an influx of women were seen as human beings capable of holding an office job and being contributors in the household, whether partially, equally or solely, as we have seen in South African history. In our country, the constitutional court has contributed significantly to the emancipation and empowerment of women. We have progressed from being governed by laws (customary law) that defined African women as “minors”, excluded from rights regarding children and property; to a place where although now legally protected, we are still disadvantaged due to past inequities.

You see, as this empowerment movement happened, we saw more and more women becoming. Picking up what little liberty they had been granted and making the best out of these opportunities.

Today in South Africa, we read that there are more black women than men pursuing post- matric qualifications. Globally, for every 93 men who graduate university, there are 100 women. In America, women account for 60 percent of master’s degrees and 52 percent of doctorates being awarded.

With these statistics, we can confirm that more and more women have become independent, successful,high achievers and rightfully, expect the same from their male counterparts. So my question today is, while we’re busy making women better women; who is making sure that the men in our society are not just keeping up, but bettering themselves and coming to the realization that women have evolved and so should they?

The world women are living in now is one that doesn’t require the lifeblood of a man to sustain it (besides in reproduction- but even then, so many children are in foster care, the world is overpopulated blah blah so I think we’re good for the next few decades). I think that when women caught the epiphany of their power and strength, men were playing Fifa somewhere and totally missed it.

I doubt they all have woken up, but those who have, have been mentally crippled by what has happened. Their new and evolved role is yet to be formed and the world we live in is in such a mess because of this disconnect. What’s happening to the men in our society and who will take this responsibility?

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