YOUR LIFE, YOUR BOOK: Guest blog post by Modibe Modiba


I’ve often wondered what the whole purpose of life was; how as humans, we’re brought into this world to do one thing-live.
Life doesn’t come with a manual, nor a script, each day that we’re  given on earth is in fact an opportunity to write our own story, a story of our lives. We wake up not knowing what’s out there, unless we get up, ask questions and knock on doors. Life teaches us that whatever you dream of, you can attain, only if you put your dreams into motion, because living a life without dreams, is like driving a car without wheels.

Our dreams might not be the same, some may be bigger than others, others may be more far-fetched than others, but they are all dreams. You see, the lovely thing about dreams, is that they are free, and that every human being has the capacity to dream without forking a cent. Your life is not only the story you make for yourself, but what you leave behind to serve as references for the next generation.

So entirely, we as humans are nothing but a book, a book which gets filled every single day by our own actions, we have the opportunity to put ink onto paper and write an inspirational book, a book which covers our past, the numerous challenges we encountered, our current status and the conclusion, the only question you should be asking yourself is, would the conclusion in your book be worth reading?

About the author:

fb3517ea-0898-490e-ae16-363ab0d4dad0“Men have a crucial role to play in our ever changing world especially with regards to gender equality. Gender equality should no longer be seen as a conversation for women only, as men have an integral part to play in the quest for gender equality. The empowerment of women should no longer be seen as an achievement but we should move towards it being a norm in our societies, where our mothers and sisters who’ve faced major institutionalized challenges are beginning to attain the same recognition in our societies as men.”

Modibe Modiba, is a pan-Africanist who believes in African Renaissance as the cornerstone for Africa’s development.

He is the proud owner of a blog which you can view here; as well as a contributor of opinion pieces for numerous newspapers in South Africa.

Follow him and the impact he’s making across the continent:

Twitter: @10dibz

Instagram: modiba10

Facebook: Modibe Modiba



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