What Happened to LoveSelfBeautiful!?

During my period of inactivity, I had vowed I was done with this blogging thing. My life had taken yet another pivot and for me LoveSelfBeautiful was becoming a dumping ground for miscellaneous thoughts rather than a structured work of art.

The 15th of November was coming up and that signified an impending reflectionary period. A month before this date, it almost felt as if WordPress would send me weekly reminders to renew my domain or else… I’ve been renewing my domain for the past two years and it was  always such a no- brainer. But this year was different. It was different because for the first time I actually did not get “that thing” from writing like I did before so I questioned the significance of the blog.

Obviously because you are reading this post on my original website, it means I have made the decision to repurchase my domain 💃🏾, mainly because I was afraid of what might happen if I didn’t. I remember  GeniusLevels contacting me this week to tell me that my blog had disappeared. I panicked. I literally had a mild breakdown and at that moment realized what parents go through when they lose a child. I felt I had lost my baby, my brainchild and a little piece of my identity (so deep, I know!).

 But if I’m being honest with you,  when I started reflecting on the journey of LoveSelfBeautiful and the followers and the impact it made (which I took for granted) I really began to feel as if my lack of motivation/ willingness to generate content was coming from a selfish place.

Although I cannot promise weekly content, or commit to the topics; I do however commit to generating content that motivates and inspires you to see a world of unlimited possibilities and to live your greatest life as the best version of yourself. 

So let’s see where this journey takes us, whether on LoveSelfBeautiful or a different platform. Thank you once again for your continuous support.

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