When someone says they want a banana, give them a steak

What is the price you must pay for brilliance? It’s almost like a catch 22; “dammed if I am, dammed if I’m not” situation. “Be great! Pursue greatness, brilliance and perfection, but don’t do it better than me”. People want you to be good… just not better than them. The only human I would think who desires to see you being better than them is your mother, because then it actually is an “improvement” in terms of life and stuff and therefore it’s a good thing overall because now you’re a positive contributor to your country’s GDP…but remember, only your mother sees this “big picture” and the benefits of your self-improvement on humankind. 

I think big corporates can be a great place to test and learn, especially if you are young and coming up in your career, you could find that your naïveté can, in many instances, grants  you unwarranted favour and forgiveness because shame “she is still learning”. As long as you stay in your box, breathe when you’re told and dance for your puppet master when they ask, you’ll be fine.

Maybe this is a concept we can apply to life actually. People fall madly in love with you until you start showing signs that you might just be smarter,or have a better shot than them. Then you’re not so fun to have around anymore. Then you turn from being assertive to being arrogant. Even that thing you did when you used to challenge the way people think, now that same thing is just not so cute anymore, you are now simply The Annoying One (TAO).

So now I’m stuck wondering if brilliance is a factor which can be measured on the economies of scale, diseconomies of scale and constant returns to scale graph. Is there such a thing as being too great/ brilliant/ innovative or passionate for your own good? At what point does this scale tip and your blessings become a hinderance to your success and growth?

Could it be that actually the environment one is in is that which is not conducive for greatness and all one actually needs is a new and better environment with people who still have that fight in them to strive for higher rather than have their insecurities overwhelm them to a point that they are creating a culture of mediocrity?

I really don’t have all the answers, well at least not today. Just random ramblings about an observation made or how people actually don’t mean what they say.

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