2016 Reflections

2016 Reflections: Acceptance

Looking back on my 2015 reflections post, it almost seems customary to share learnings of the previous year….

More than anything looking back on 2016, I now see that the recurring lessons in my life have been around acceptance.

Acceptance of self is something I have come to learn as a journey of seeing, feeling and being both your good and bad self. It has been a journey of acknowledging and accepting that although we are mostly and consciously good and kind in nature, sometimes we are not and this is okay and this does not make you a shitty, scum of the earth person, it just makes you human. 

The decision between one being a good or a bad person solely rests with the individual and their truest intentions- which we can safely say are not naturally malicious. I once read a quote by Deepak Chopra that highlighted something along the lines of how it frees you to realise that no one wakes up with the intention to hurt you. I find this to be such a powerful statement because it removes you from the mind-set of feeling and behaving like a victim to a position where you can step into the power and control you have over your own life.

Now as 2017 begins I realise this shift in my cognitive reasoning. I no longer see my viewpoint as the worlds benchmark (in the most part haha) but rather, I too am now being examined of my thoughts and behaviour, by myself, getting to the granular level of why. In many instances I find myself giving more time to experiences and connections with people rather than focussing on and trying to develop a world that doesn’t even fit in to what truly makes me happy in the bigger scheme of things. I understand a bit more why it is that I make time for certain connections and activities than doing something because I want to keep the peace or “it’s what I should be focussed on right now”. This is the most honest and freeing version of myself that I have ever lived as a conscious human being, and what better timing to step into this journey than when approaching my quarter life milestone.

I hope 2017 brings us all exactly what we need, when we need it and may it be a purpose- filled and conscious year for you 🙂


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