Star Wars: Part 2

My First Impression of Star Wars cont.

As promised yesterday, I’ve completed the second part of my Star Wars first impressions post, if you want to read the first part before commencing, please right click this link and the post will open in a new tab.


So the next batch of movies that were up next in the line-up are listed below. It was a Monday evening after work when we decided to attempt to watch them and unfortunately my friend’s determination was inversely proportional to my fight with fatigue. The more excited he was, the sleepier I became haha…

• IV: A New Hope

• V: The Empire Strikes Back

• VI: The Return of the Jedi

We cheated a bit with these three and caught an 8 minute summary on YouTube (I believe to my detriment because I didn’t even catch the “Luke, I am your father” part which sucks balls because that’s all commoners know about Star Wars!) But looking at the quality of one of the films left me feeling okay about missing this part of my Star Wars fandom journey.

• VII: The Force Awakens

6a3b8311d92d80076bd947d1ebcfc220By now I was getting exhausted with memorizing names and generational ties, I got into the office the next day and decided to write all this shit out before heading out to watch Rogue One. I was such a bum and fell asleep somewhere within the two hours, I tried to hide it but I snored and had to go through the torture of re-watching all the scenes I much rather enjoyed asleep. The Force Awakens was, in my opinion not as cool without Vader. Kylo Ren is such a turd and I think if Vader was to be revived he would stab himself with his light saber and die than watch Kylo Ren rule over the dark side. An interesting character addition in this film is Rey. I’ve been cranky about the lack of significant and powerful female characters in Star Wars and Rey was a breath of fresh air. She was tough, independent and strong and her pairing with BB-8 is the cutest thing you will ever see in all of the films put together. Another interesting addition to note is Princess Leia who is 1 half of Darth Vader’s twin children. She is seen again in Rogue One where DARTH VADER MAKES A RETURN FROM THE DEAAAAAAD…..No not actually, just joking J or am I…

Ahh… what a mouthful. This piece was so much longer than expected but I think it sets the scene high level, for what to (subjectively) expect should you venture out and find yourself watching Star Wars. Overall, not as bad as I was expecting, the films really do get better with time and my experience watching  Rogue One in a 4-D cinema was amazing!(You should do it) Maybe if I muster up the energy to write about it I will share my experience!


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