11 Most Valuable Career Tips for 2017

Happppyyyy Tuesday!

Once in a while a group of my trusted advisers spew out some pearls of wisdom and generosity becomes us as we share some of our greatest lessons. Considering that we all have just entered into a new year, groups of millennials around the world have also decided to take the plunge into the workplace environment. If you are new or seasoned in the workplace I believe that some of the tips below could stand you in good stead for carving out a successful 2017 (and hopefully career) and ensuring that you cross over with your sanity into 2018!


1. Stanbic IBTC CareerTip: Follow-up on all applications, phone conversations and interviews. Employers seek candidates who distinguish themselves by showing they are truly interested in the opportunity.

Be like Oprah, make that paper….

2. Negotiate your salary, know your worth (click to follow link to salary negotiations article).

Image source: Picjumbo

3. Read. statistics show that readers make better fucking contributors to society ok? Dont look for a link, just go buy a book.


4. Don’t do a 5 year plan. It limits the universe to opening up opportunities/ you seeing opportunities because you have now confined yourself to a 5 year plan cast in stone. High level have 2/3 objectives for each year that tie into your lifetime goals but always be on the hunt for an opportunity. Instead write down what you want to achieve.

Keeping up with the Joneses

5. Don’t allow peer pressure influence your spending and investing habits.


6. Focus. Don’t let minor problems distract you from your overall goal.

Image source: Picjumbo

7. Find a place where you can grow with your tasks and where you are in an environment that supports your development.

Image source: Shutterstock

8. From the get go, be vocal about your expectations in your role, this way no one is surprised or disappointed in the long run.


9. It’s very important to be deliberate about creating and managing your perception… yes be true to who you are, yes bring your whole self to work BUT, don’t forget that people understand other people from their frame of reference. So if you don’t think it is worth your time understanding how the people who matter in your career receive you, also be prepared to face the consequences thereof. People be petty AF yo!

Image source: Meetup

10. Network, Network, Network! The value of your network is your net- worth. The success of your career moves comes from the quality of your network.

Mixed racial group of friends on a summer road trip

11. Since you are solely in control/ in charge of your career and its success thereof, be sure to always prioritize your happiness, your goals and your sanity (also considering karma, the circle of life, the universe, your conscience) because this isn’t a relationship, nothing has your back and nobody is actively looking out for your best interests 🙂

Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images
Image source: Getty Images 

Lastly just to wrap it all up, something so profound that my mentor shared with me yesterday, during our telephonic conversation, that I feel is vital to share, is the importance of having open and honest career conversations. It is so important to always speak to what you want to be doing and where you see yourself, as opposed to fighting for a job. A job you already have, but your ideal career is a much more important discussion, this speaks to your desired state.



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