The Meaning of Love

So firstly I must begin by disclosing that I have no idea which way this post is going to swing with me being influenced by Rihanna’s ANTI playing in the background at the moment.

I’m certain God does this me being single thing on Valentine’s Day on purpose. I don’t think there’s anyone who can ever make this day perfect for me, so He might just think it’s better for me to be a cynical spectator until I decide my Valentine’s Day success measures… upon which when I do my cousins voice will be in my head telling me ” Valentine’s Day is for children grown ups don’t celebrate that nonsense” hahahaha imagine!? The most hilarious response I’ve gotten thus far.

Unconsciously this year I went around asking my colleagues and friends what they’d be getting up to this Valentine’s Day. Initially out of interest (read: just to make conversation) but deep down, I was searching for a deep and profound reason as to why we feel so obliged to put ourselves through such. To my surprise, many (99%) of the females I asked were completely unphased by the drama the most pretentious day in the whole entire year, brings. I must say I was mildly impressed but also quite annoyed with myself for always loathing this day almost as much as I loathe my birthday. Why? Because I think it’s quite shallow that we make so much of 1 day when our significant others go out of their way to love us for the other 364 days of the rest of the year (that we don’t appreciate as much as the 14th of February each year).

Marketing companies deserve a slow clap for fucking us all actually, both psychologically and financially but I must congratulate those of us who have escaped and shown the (in)significance  of this day the middle finger.

I’m not the best person to take relationship advice from, my tolerance for bullshit is as short as a 3 year olds attention span and I believe the best relationships survive because someone’s bullshit radar bust it’s fuse and parties can no longer see the wood from the trees. I cannot tell you the meaning of love however, what I can say is, if someone is loving you, love them back, as hard as you can… before your female intuition kicks in hard enough for you to realize N****s ain’t shit!…. hahah this is so morbid. 

Anyway, I must affirm that in between our (women’s) staple “N****s ain’t shit” mantra, deep down there’s the capacity to love and be loved. Hoping you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day (or just a happy day at least) šŸ’ƒšŸ¾

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  1. Crystal says:

    You read my mind. I say “n****s ain’t shit” at least once a day, yet I’m hoping love is right around the corner. I look for love everywhere. I’m a pessimist and an optimist at the same damn time, smh. As someone whose never gotten a v_day gift from anyone other than my parents and friends, I look at Valentine’s Day as the day to spoil myself. I wonder what it will be like when I’m in a relationship, I can’t wait to give as much as I want to receive, but until then I’m gonna make it all about me lol.

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