An Ode To Travel 

Monday’s reared its ugly head again but I refuse to let my travel inspo go to waste so I decided to try something a little different! My very first Ode :). Some may say “if you like it then you better put a ring on it” but I think writing an Ode about it is so much better!

An Ode To Travel

When you can’t tell your way up from down it’s time to travel.

There’s something toxic about doing the same thing everyday, eating the same food, driving the same route, seeing the same scenes, breathing the same polluted air and rejoicing about how quickly Friday came, not sitting to realize that Friday is just so close to Monday.

Travel cures entrapment. Travel allows Monday, in fact any day, to be exactly what you want it to be whether it’s sipping cocktails on the beach or exploring ancient ruins on a hill that you’ve read about. Each day is an opportunity to explore the world as your purest, happiest self and allow your soul to rise and set in a different part of the world. Besides it being the spice for life, traveling is the medicine millennials need to survive. The space to thrive, to breathe and to live at your own terms!

Travel is like getting what you paid for each and every time. It’s not needing to find silver linings because the clouds always feel the way they look. It’s like ripping the tag off your brand new shoes and throwing away the receipt because you know the shoes are juuuust right. 

A dose of travel as often as possible cures even the most persistent existential crisis. It shifts your thinking from “why do I have a belly” to “why don’t I have two for all this food!?” You don’t even worry about not worrying because you realize that life is never so serious that you need to have something to worry about at all!

 So again I say, when you can’t tell your up from your down, whether you’re coming or going and why you’re doing the things you do, take a break and go view your life from a different perspective. I can guarantee that when you return nothing would have broken, or changed for that matter. But at least you would have gotten the time to live again. 

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  1. loicbellet says:

    Great article 👍🏻

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