Goodbye LoveselfBeautiful, Hello Female Millennial Musings!


We are moving over to Female Millennial Musings!

Having started and run a blog (LoveSelfBeautiful) for the the past 3 and a half years has taught me quite a lot about blogging- and commitment (**cough cough prospective employer**). Throughout the journey, there have been plenty of sleepless nights, tears, threatening to delete the whole site and “forget this blogging thing” and euphoria from traffic peaks, all of which milestones that I am very grateful to have experienced and believe were vital for my next step.

When I started blogging, I did not know anything about WordPress, blogging, content creation, SEO’s, monetizing, Adwords, Parent pages vs categories or how to drive traffic (just to name a few critical intricacies). Loveselfbeautiful was my testing ground, my baby and my very forgiving teacher. It helped me take my time and understand my “why” and as a result, 3 years later I understand why I blog and why my content is relevant and necessary.

The purpose of Female Millennial Musings is to produce objective opinions based on research around the millennial generation. Content is developed and curated by a millennial for the consumption of all generations, whether it be for research or for improving one’s “informed opinion”, with the aim of debunking myths and stereotypes, and showcasing how to better cater for, manage and interact with this generation in a work or social context.

So when you actually sit and analyze this, Female Millennial Musings is just a more mature, structured and focused version of my first baby. It’s a millennial that has learnt how to finally adult! Haha.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

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