10 quick tips about life

The funny thing about life is that the more you get older, the more you’d think some things will no longer phase you, but what I’ve grown to understand is that life experience and self mastery cannot be measured by how long you’ve lived. These are attained by how consciously you choose to live your life and know yourself.

Here are 10 quick tips about life we can all probably relate to and maybe have had to learn the hard way!

1. God is bigger than your biggest problem

For a control freak, this is very hard to hear because firstly “problems need solving” and secondly “you’re best placed since the problem is yours”. But quite honestly, not everything can be solved through human intervention, and many times in order to have peace in your life, pray it over to the Lord.

2.  Don’t compare. 

Still waters run deep, the iceberg is misleading, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, better the devil you know….all that stuff. Seriously, people’s lives are more fucked up than you can imagine. Love your own life. Your issues/ struggles are custom- made for your capabilities and journey. Don’t rob yourself of your life experience by wishing it was someone else’s or rather, your were someone else.

3. Know Yourself

Knowing who you are is far more important than making people know who you are. Because either, they don’t really care or after making that great effort, they’re still going to stick to their preconceived ideas about you.

4. Relax

You won’t have it all figured out anytime soon. 🙂

5. Live in the moment of your relationships

Human beings are frivolous, and as such you cannot predict them. Be greatful for seasonal friendships and know when it’s time to let go and truly… let. go.
6. Sometimes, be selfish

You’ll never regret putting yourself first.

7. Happiness is self made and takes a lot of effort

So take some time to learn what and how to make yourself happy- that way no one can take it away from you and you won’t depend on anyone to give it to you.
8. Guard your expectations

Never, for a single moment expect that people will do for you as you do for them People only do for you as much as they (not you) require.

9. Travel.


10. Build your network

Networks=opportunity and opportunity=options.

    Ultimately, life is a journey to be discovered. I hope these quick tips made you “mmmm” and “ahhhh” in agreement and helped you just a bit in understanding life’s maze. Also if you were looking for a sign while visiting this blog, this is it!

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