The Journey To Unbecoming

Not having it all together basically means that at a point everything was once in place and complete… But somewhere along the way things fell apart and you couldn’t get them to fit back just right; so you went along holding on to the displacement that you fooled yourself into believing was life. The thing…

2016 Reflections

2016 Reflections: Acceptance Looking back on my 2015 reflections post, it almost seems customary to share learnings of the previous year…. More than anything looking back on 2016, I now see that the recurring lessons in my life have been around acceptance. Acceptance of self is something I have come to learn as a journey…


 Understanding and acknowledging  that you’re here on purpose and for a reason…. 

Affirmation Mondays- know who you are

Living in a world where everyone believes that they are entitled to having an opinion about who you are, what you do and how you live can be challenging, especially when you live a life with no roots to ground you; a life where your identity has either never been established or has now been…

Affirmation Mondays

It’s going to be tough lifetime if you cannot live with the person you’re going to be with forever; ’cause truth is.. you’re stuck with you dahling.