The Fame Monster


My guest blog post on Genius Level!!!!

Genius Level

“But if anyone asks you’ve got a prescription
You got an addiction
Who do you think that you’re fooling?”

We are all very familiar with how this situation plays out. A person makes it big in the entertainment industry and it’s like they’ve sold their soul to the devil. It’s “wonderful”, they’re living the life, make all these new friends, new money and not forgetting the power and the attention. It can drive any grounded person to the point of insanity. What follows next is a series of bad decisions, an assortment of addictions and maybe in the most unfortunate circumstance; an overdose which leads to their death.



A life in the entertainment industry is strenuous to say the least. You’d think that since these people have made it, they can now do what they want, where they want and however they want to do it. That is how it…

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